AT&T Cloud Strategy

Today, we’re using cloud technologies to modernize and streamline our business applications, accelerate innovation and new services with customers, and quickly deploy software-defined network (SDN) technologies and virtual network functions to power our own network.

Software is Our Thing: How We’re Using Software to Continue Our Transformation

When you think of AT&T, you may not think of us as a “software company.” But maybe you should. Our scientists and engineers at AT&T Bell Labs made significant contributions to software that have changed the world.

Increasing Data Traffic and the Need for Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Network traffic growth trends are outpacing the ability to keep up with the traditional, hardware-centric network model. To meet future network traffic needs and give our customers more control of their network services, AT&T is moving to a software-centric network model.

How AT&T is moving to a Software Defined Network (SDN)

The telecom industry used to spend years developing switches, routers, and other physical gear to run our network. Today that model is unsustainable. AT&T is moving to a Software Defined Network (SDN). We are becoming a software company.