Project AirGig: 500 Patents & Applications, One Great Idea

Today, the Project AirGig team has more than 500 patents and applications related to the technology, which all ladder up to a multitude of “mini-inventions” that make up Project AirGig.

AirGig Closer to Initial Commercial Deployment

We’re moving closer to commercial deployment of AirGig every day and have initiated discussions with technology suppliers to start testing and building commercial-grade Project AirGig equipment.

AT&T: Growing global internet connectivity with Project AirGig

Project AirGig is a transformative technology from AT&T Labs that could one day deliver low-cost, multi-gigabit wireless internet speeds using power lines. By using existing infrastructure, Project AirGig can enable a dramatically expanded wireless footprint, lower hardware and deployment costs, and enable utility companies to detect power line issues quickly.