Consumers Need Consistent Privacy Protections: State Legislative Actions

States must be very careful about imposing privacy regulation, because data flows freely among many types of companies every time a user connects to the internet. Any new regulation could have far-reaching unintended consequences that could disrupt the operation of the internet that consumers have come to expect.

Consumers Need Consistent Privacy Protections: Federal Legislative Actions

Federal legislation should create a unified regulatory regime for privacy, data security, and breach notification, consistent with the standards developed and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the past 20 years.

Online Privacy – Need for Uniform Consumer Protections

It is time for Congress to ensure one set of protections for American consumers, no matter where they are on the internet or how they access data.

Protect Consumers Online Privacy Equally

This diagram illustrates how your privacy protections for the same information may differ depending on what type of company interacts with your data.