AirGig Closer to Initial Commercial Deployment

We’re moving closer to commercial deployment of AirGig every day and have initiated discussions with technology suppliers to start testing and building commercial-grade Project AirGig equipment.

AT&T Continues to Bring 5G Experiences to Life

5G will ultimately unlock use cases that are dependent on faster speed, wide coverage, and low latency. Think of this as the next frontier in untethering, giving you the ability to take the ultra-fast experience you have in your home or business with you virtually anywhere.


Spectrum Bands

Until recently, mobile operators believed that 3 GHz was the upper limit of “usable” spectrum or frequencies for terrestrial mobile service necessary to provide commercial mobile broadband services. Today, however, new use cases, such as providing HD video to customers, along with technology advancements, have expanded the potential frequencies for terrestrial mobile broadband use – well into the millimeter wave bands or those bands above 24 GHz.

3Q 2018 AT&T by the Numbers

AT&T has been improving the way people communicate for more than 142 years. This last quarter, AT&T had over 265,000 employees around the world, 1,215,822 route miles of fiber globally, and more than 170 million direct-to-consumer relationships across our wireless, video, and broadband businesses.

We also understand the importance of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Since 2012, AT&T employees have provided 2.27 million hours of mentoring to students. And since 2008, AT&T has committed $400 million through AT&T Aspire to promote student success in school and beyond.

Check out our one pager for more highlights from this recent quarter.

AT&T Offers Streamlined IoT Solutions in the UK

AT&T now has an agreement with Three Group to resell Three UK wireless services. The agreement will allow AT&T to offer its global business customers in the U.K. localized contracting and billing for wireless voice, data, and SMS services.

AT&T Launches Video Platform for DIRECTV for BUSINESS Customers

AT&T continues to change the world of video with the launch of COM3000, a next-generation video platform that brings more HD channels, including 4K, and a future-ready platform for business customers.

Airship: New Open Infrastructure Project to Accelerate Cloud Deployments

As part of our ongoing commitment to open and collaborative innovation, we’re working with SKT, Intel Corporation, and the OpenStack Foundation to launch a new open infrastructure project called Airship.

Recognizing Today’s Innovators in AI Development

AT&T unveiled the Acumos AI Project nearly a year ago — a collaboration with Tech Mahindra to build Acumos, which is an open source AI platform under The Linux Foundation Deep Learning that includes 15 corporate umbrella members.


AT&T and Magic Leap Form Exclusive U.S. Consumer Relationship to Expand the Future of Spatial Computing

AT&T has announced a strategic, exclusive U.S. consumer relationship and investment with Magic Leap, developer of proprietary spatial computing and experiential platforms.

Microservices: Leading with Speed

AT&T believes microservices are the future of software development. We announced our microservices platform in 2017 as a key pillar of our Next-Gen Network platform, allowing for faster deployment of new capabilities and increased automation.

Design Thinking

As AT&T’s workforce transformation and reskilling initiative evolves, AT&T is going beyond technical skills. We want to change how we create products and services by using design as a fire-starter to our process, and incorporate it all the way through. We’re retrofitting Design Thinking for a 142-year-old brand by incorporating design into everything we do. 

Network Convergence

Network convergence, simply put, is the process of merging existing network systems into a singular, multi-model communication platform that broadens use for users.