Software is Our Thing: How We’re Using Software to Continue Our Transformation

When you think of AT&T, you may not think of us as a “software company.” But maybe you should. Our scientists and engineers at AT&T Bell Labs made significant contributions to software that have changed the world.

WarnerMedia Leans in to Future Tech and Launches Innovation Lab

WarnerMedia announced plans to launch the WarnerMedia Innovation Lab, a future-forward incubator that will combine emerging technologies with content from across its operating units to create new and innovative consumer experiences and businesses.

4Q 2018 AT&T by the Numbers

AT&T has been improving the way people communicate for more than 142 years. This last quarter, AT&T had over 265,000 employees around the world, 1,253,972 route miles of fiber globally, and 370 million direct-to-consumer relationships across our wireless, video, and broadband business.

We also understand the importance of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Since 2012, AT&T employees have provided 2.27 million hours of mentoring to students. And since 2013, AT&T has hired over 17,500 veterans and their family members.

Check out our one pager for highlights from this recent quarter.

AT&T and Microsoft Test Network Edge Compute Capabilities to Enhance 5G for Business

We’re testing how to bring network edge compute (NEC) capabilities into the AT&T 5G network with Microsoft Azure.


5 Facts on AT&T 5G

5G will ultimately change how you live, work, and play, and will help businesses increase efficiency, empower workers, and drive innovation in ways we can only imagine.


Las Vegas Pilots Smart Lighting Solution with AT&T, Ubicquia

AT&T and Ubicquia® are working with the City of Las Vegas to pilot a smart lighting solution in highly populated areas of the Las Vegas Innovation District. The solution uses the City’s existing streetlight infrastructure to help improve public safety conditions for businesses, residents, and visitors. It will also help reduce energy usage and improve operational efficiencies for the community.

1.5 Gbps Achieved in Field Test on Commercial 5G Network

On February 8, 2019, AT&T successfully tested a new software update on our live commercial 5G+ network, which resulted in speeds over 1.5 Gbps.


Three Pillars of 5G Bring the Business Experience into the Future

Our approach to 5G in business isn’t focused on just one solution, but instead brings multiple pillars that reflect our customers’ diversity and needs. We’re building our networks to allow fiber-based connectivity and LTE to work efficiently in parallel with 5G solutions, maximizing the impact of a business’s transformation.


Consumers Need Consistent Privacy Protections: State Legislative Actions

States must be very careful about imposing privacy regulation, because data flows freely among many types of companies every time a user connects to the internet. Any new regulation could have far-reaching unintended consequences that could disrupt the operation of the internet that consumers have come to expect.

Consumers Need Consistent Privacy Protections: Federal Legislative Actions

Federal legislation should create a unified regulatory regime for privacy, data security, and breach notification, consistent with the standards developed and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the past 20 years.

Intellectual Property: Benefits for Creators & Consumers

Intellectual property rights give creators and innovators the incentive to create and invent new things, by ensuring they can benefit from the result of their efforts. 

AT&T Call Protect, AT&T Mobile Security, and AT&T Secure Family

AT&T offers customers many different ways to protect themselves and their families when using their mobile devices, including AT&T Call Protect, AT&T Mobile Security, and AT&T Secure Family.