Three Pillars of 5G Bring the Business Experience into the Future

Our approach to 5G in business isn’t focused on just one solution, but instead brings multiple pillars that reflect our customers’ diversity and needs. We’re building our networks to allow fiber-based connectivity and LTE to work efficiently in parallel with 5G solutions, maximizing the impact of a business’s transformation.


Consumers Need Consistent Privacy Protections: State Legislative Actions

States must be very careful about imposing privacy regulation, because data flows freely among many types of companies every time a user connects to the internet. Any new regulation could have far-reaching unintended consequences that could disrupt the operation of the internet that consumers have come to expect.

Consumers Need Consistent Privacy Protections: Federal Legislative Actions

Federal legislation should create a unified regulatory regime for privacy, data security, and breach notification, consistent with the standards developed and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the past 20 years.

Intellectual Property: Benefits for Creators & Consumers

Intellectual property rights give creators and innovators the incentive to create and invent new things, by ensuring they can benefit from the result of their efforts. 

AT&T Call Protect, AT&T Mobile Security, and AT&T Secure Family

AT&T offers customers many different ways to protect themselves and their families when using their mobile devices, including AT&T Call Protect, AT&T Mobile Security, and AT&T Secure Family. 

ShakeAlertLA: First Municipally-Sponsored Earthquake Alert System App

AT&T and the City of Los Angeles are unveiling ShakeAlertLA, a unique mobile app designed to alert residents in Los Angeles County of an earthquake. 

Building a Quantum Network with Corporate Innovation

Creating the network that will eventually link millions of quantum devices together requires tapping into the collective intelligence of numerous experts working and networking together. 

AT&T Suite of Blockchain Solutions

AT&T is combining our edge-to-edge capabilities with blockchain technology to help companies transform the way they conduct business.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a cryptographic technology based on a mathematical structure for storing data in which groups of valid transactions, called blocks, form a chronological chain, with each block cryptographically linked to the previous one.

Mobile 5G Ecosystem Evolves

In December of 2018, AT&T became the first and only company in the U.S. to offer a mobile 5G device over a commercial, standards-based mobile 5G network.


AT&T Completes the World’s First Millimeter Wave Mobile 5G Browsing Session

In October 2018, we successfully completed the world’s first millimeter wave mobile 5G browsing session with a standards-based device on our mobile 5G network.


Mid-Band Spectrum Opportunities

Mid-band spectrum ranges from 2.5 GHz to 6 GHz. This band has good propagation and the ability to have greater capacity – through spectrum reuse or wider channels – adding a critical complement to the existing mobile spectrum ecosystem to be an essential component of future 5G networks.