Agenda to Advance the Nation’s Cybersecurity Defenses

Policymakers should clarify and streamline the role of government in cybersecurity, strengthen existing public-private partnerships, address international cybersecurity challenges, and drive adoption of new technologies to enhance cyber resiliency.

Protect Consumers Online Privacy Equally

This diagram illustrates how your privacy protections for the same information may differ depending on what type of company interacts with your data.

Innovation Driving Consumer On-Line Activity

By 2020, mobile data traffic in the U.S. will be equivalent to six times the volume of the entire U.S. internet in 2005. In the future, innovative devices and services will require faster connection speeds and more data. This means U.S. broadband networks must keep pace as consumer demands change.

How AT&T is moving to a Software Defined Network (SDN)

The telecom industry used to spend years developing switches, routers, and other physical gear to run our network. Today that model is unsustainable. AT&T is moving to a Software Defined Network (SDN). We are becoming a software company.