Today, online data flows seamlessly among various companies, including devices, operating systems, browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), apps, online services, and advertising networks. Yet federal privacy rules treat and protect the very same consumer data flowing through this complex ecosystem differently based solely on the type of company that handles these data. This unequal treatment is based on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent decision to impose new privacy rules only on a limited number of companies on the internet, namely ISP’s. This creates confusion and gives consumers a false impression that their data is subject to the same protections across the internet.

A better path is to restore a uniform set of privacy protections under FTC oversight that apply equally to all online companies, including devices, operating systems, browsers, ISPs, apps, online services, and advertising networks. Adopting consistent privacy protections across all players in the digital ecosystem will benefit consumers by advancing uniformity that promotes consistency and clarity on the existence and nature of data privacy protections in the online world.

The new technologies we enjoy today are amazing, but with them comes a responsibility with your privacy and data security. That’s why AT&T fully supports national privacy legislation. Efforts by individual companies are important, but consumers deserve a single set of privacy rules they can understand and rely on across the nation.

Protect Consumers Online Privacy Equally

This diagram illustrates how your privacy protections for the same information may differ depending on what type of company interacts with your data.

Online Privacy – Need for Uniform Consumer Protections

It is time for Congress to ensure one set of protections for American consumers, no matter where they are on the internet or how they access data.

Event AT&T Policy Forum Event

Privacy in a World of Data Evolution & Technology Convergence

September 26, 2017
1:00 pm
- 3:00 pm EDT

On September 26, 2017 the AT&T Policy Forum hosted an in-depth discussion on privacy and its influence on technological innovation, business, consumers and public policy in the data revolution.

Lori Fink, senior vice president, AT&T assistant general counsel and chief privacy officer, moderated the opening session.

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