Software-Defined Networks

AT&T Cloud Strategy

Today, we’re using cloud technologies to modernize and streamline our business applications, accelerate innovation and new services with customers, and quickly deploy software-defined network (SDN) technologies and virtual network functions to power our own network.

Software is Our Thing: How We’re Using Software to Continue Our Transformation

When you think of AT&T, you may not think of us as a “software company.” But maybe you should. Our scientists and engineers at AT&T Bell Labs made significant contributions to software that have changed the world.

ISPs and PPs: Growing Similarities Infographic

As a result of ISP evolution to software and white box cloud elements, the core infrastructures of ISP and FAANG platforms are becoming virtually the same.

How AT&T is moving to a Software Defined Network (SDN)

The telecom industry used to spend years developing switches, routers, and other physical gear to run our network. Today that model is unsustainable. AT&T is moving to a Software Defined Network (SDN). We are becoming a software company.

Increasing Data Traffic and the Need for Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Network traffic growth trends are outpacing the ability to keep up with the traditional, hardware-centric network model. To meet future network traffic needs and give our customers more control of their network services, AT&T is moving to a software-centric network model.

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