Smart Cities

Las Vegas Pilots Smart Lighting Solution with AT&T, Ubicquia

AT&T and Ubicquia® are working with the City of Las Vegas to pilot a smart lighting solution in highly populated areas of the Las Vegas Innovation District. The solution uses the City’s existing streetlight infrastructure to help improve public safety conditions for businesses, residents, and visitors. It will also help reduce energy usage and improve operational efficiencies for the community.

AT&T Smart, Inclusive, Accessible Cities

Smart city technologies present an opportunity to expand the economic empowerment and wellbeing of aging communities and communities living with disabilities. 

AT&T Expands Smart Cities Offerings with New Structure Monitoring Solution for U.S. Railways and Roadways

AT&T continues developing and delivering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to help make our cities and communities smarter, safer, and more efficient.

AT&T Smart Cities: Helping make your city cleaner, safer and stronger

In 2016, AT&T introduced a smart cities framework to help cities develop a holistic strategy that will ultimately create safer more sustainable environments for their citizens. By connecting things like lighting, water, parking, energy grids, and public transportation to the Internet, AT&T is helping cities save money, preserve natural resources, and build better relationships with their citizens.

AT&T Smart Cities: Dallas

The Smart Cities “Living Lab” launched in Dallas in 2017 as a collaboration between AT&T and the Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA), a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to building the city of the future. With the help of AT&T, the city has now assembled some of the largest and most innovative IoT solution providers in the word, with the goal of creating a safer and more sustainable city.

AT&T Smart Cities: Dublin

AT&T is committed to help build smarter cities — in the U.S. and abroad. We have signed an agreement with IDA Ireland and Dublin City Council to collaborate and exchange information about smart cities solutions. This initiative will foster an open dialogue of IoT best practices with Ireland and Dublin, which is developing into a leading IoT location.

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