Next-Generation 911

7 Urgent Facts About NG9-1-1

AT&T has emerged as a leader in the transition of legacy 9-1-1 or traditional 9-1-1 to next generation 9-1-1. Learn more about how AT&T and public safety agencies are transforming how they handle and respond to 9-1-1 emergency calls.


9-1-1/E9-1-1/NG9-1-1 An Evolving Public Safety Toolkit: Part I

In 1968, calling for help meant using a conventional wireline phone to contact an operator or dialing a seven-digit local telephone number. Today, calling for police, fire, or medical assistance is both easier for customers and, from a technology perspective, much more complex.

Learn more about NG9-1-1

9-1-1/E9-1-1/NG9-1-1 An Evolving Public Safety Toolkit: Part II

AT&T is helping to further modernize its public safety technology and move to a Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) network. AT&T ESInet™ is a new solution that provides IP-based call routing services to 9-1-1 agencies. It will help local governments all over the country improve 9-1-1 reliability, enhance emergency responsiveness, and improve disaster recovery.

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