Next-Gen Networks

Dell Technologies and AT&T Collaborate on Open Source Edge Computing and 5G Software Infrastructure

AT&T and Dell Technologies are jointly exploring the development of key open infrastructure technology areas for the next-generation network edge that will be required by service providers to support new use cases and service opportunities in a cloud-oriented 5G world.

Elevating DevOps and Enabling 5G with Airship

On Airship, the collaboration and the new organizational structure between development and operations were key to delivering into production a new Network Cloud Platform and a new 5G Packet Core in record-setting time. 

Building a Quantum Network with Corporate Innovation

Creating the network that will eventually link millions of quantum devices together requires tapping into the collective intelligence of numerous experts working and networking together. 

Airship: New Open Infrastructure Project to Accelerate Cloud Deployments

As part of our ongoing commitment to open and collaborative innovation, we’re working with SKT, Intel Corporation, and the OpenStack Foundation to launch a new open infrastructure project called Airship.

Network Convergence

Network convergence, simply put, is the process of merging existing network systems into a singular, multi-model communication platform that broadens use for users. 

AT&T to Release “DANOS” Software Framework Into Open Source to Accelerate Network White Box Adoption

AT&T is working to provide the industry with a more open, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to traditional integrated networking equipment. We intend to open source a project that we call the Disaggregated Network Operating System, or DANOS, hosted by The Linux Foundation.

AT&T Completes Access Network Field Trials to Offer Multi-Gigabit Internet Speeds

AT&T recently trialed a 10 Gbps XGS-PON virtualized network using Open Source Access Manager Hardware Abstraction (OSAM-HA) software in Atlanta and Dallas. This is another way we can provide lightning-fast internet speeds for homes and businesses.

Single Wavelength 400 GbE Signal Demonstration

AT&T is field testing 10 gigabit per second symmetrical passive optical network technology. We call this XGS-PON, and this new technology can deliver up to 10Gbps on the downlink of a broadband connection. As customers are requiring faster internet speeds because of bandwidth-heavy applications like virtual and augmented reality, XGS-PON helps networks handle the bandwidth from these cutting-edge technologies.

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Software-defined networks and XGS-PON are a natural step along the evolutionary path of PON technology... This is another way we’re enhancing our network and staying ahead of changing” consumer and business needs.

Eddy Barker

Asst. Vice President of Access Architecture and Design, AT&T

AT&T Access Network Field Trial to Offer Multi-Gigabit Internet Speeds

AT&T’s goal is to support the merging of all services on a single network, including 5G wireless infrastructure. AT&T’s vision is to put XGS-PON in the cloud using software. Open hardware and software designs speed innovation. This innovative application can save time needed to manage, deliver, monitor, troubleshoot, and provide care services to customers

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