For 5G and Edge, the Sky’s the Limit

Israeli startup Vorpal is collaborating with AT&T and Microsoft to test how edge computing could equip them with the ability to track thousands of drones at any given time.

Extreme Weather Drone

Disaster recovery work demands facing challenging situations and environments — including extreme weather at times. Now, with the new AT&T all-weather Flying COW (Cell on Wings), first responders and field technicians have a new tool on the way to help speed recovery work in the toughest of environments.

Drones Are Taking Our Network to New Heights

AT&T has spent the last two years exploring ways drones can benefit our customers. From using airborne drones to provide emergency wireless coverage, to increasing workplace safety by reducing the need to climb towers, poles, and other structures, AT&T is using drone-based solutions to enhance our network to more quickly and safely deliver outstanding wireless experiences.

How We’re Using Drones to Make Cell Tower Inspections Safer

AT&T is leading the way in the telecommunications industry in the commercial use of drones. We’ve spent over two years exploring ways drones can increase AT&T technician safety and assist AT&T technicians with more efficient network updates and repairs.

Flying COWs (Cell Tower on Wings)

The Flying COW, or Cell Tower on Wings, is an exciting next step in how AT&T plans to use drones to bring strong wireless connectivity to those who need it most. The Flying COW functions like a cell site on a drone which, once airborne, is designed to provide LTE wireless coverage from the sky to a designated area on the ground.

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