Connected Cars

AT&T and Vodafone Business Team Up to Drive Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity in the Automotive Industry

AT&T and Vodafone Business are working together to accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and innovation in the automotive industry. The companies will bring together their industry-leading expertise to develop superior and consistent connected car solutions and experiences for customers across their combined footprints in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Connected Car

AT&T is the first telecom company to open a research and innovation center dedicated to the connected car called the AT&T Drive Studio. Through added connectivity, we’re making cars safer, more efficient, and more reliable through IoT technologies.

 Learn more about AT&T’s Drive Studio

The AT&T Foundry: Connectivity and Automated Vehicles

At the AT&T Foundry in Palo Alto, California experts evaluate new technologies for AT&T and analyze their applicability within AT&T, which includes developing use cases and business models from the automotive industry. The Foundry’s leading-edge work will help the outstanding mobile network of AT&T stay ahead of the game for customers and vehicles when it comes to connectivity requirements.

Learn more about how AT&T is leading the way in the innovation of the connected car.

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