AT&T Policy Forum hosted a workshop on the benefits of low latency and prioritization in a 5G world. Technology demonstrations at the workshop showcased how class-of-service distinctions are necessary to enable next-generation wireless networks to minimize latency, jitter, and packet loss for those services and applications most sensitive to their effects, without degrading applications and services that are less sensitive.

The demonstrations included smart glasses, a wirelessly-controlled robot, broadband telemedicine technologies, and other services and applications.

To learn more about next-generation 5G technologies, watch the full video.

At AT&T, we’re leading the evolution to 5G. We’re always evolving our network and looking forward to what’s next. The work we’re doing on our network today is laying the foundation for 5G. 5G simply stands for fifth generation and refers to the next and newest mobile wireless standard.

AT&T Drives Path to Nationwide Mobile 5G With Multi-Gigabit Speeds

2018 will be the year you can experience mobile 5G from AT&T. We’re working on an aggressive schedule to help ensure customers can enjoy mobile 5G when we launch the network this year. We will add more 5G capable mobile devices and smartphones in early 2019 and beyond.

AT&T is Deploying White Box Hardware in Cell Towers to Power Mobile 5G Era

AT&T plans to be the first to mobile 5G in the United States. To power our new network this year and beyond, we’re building our towers and small cells in a radically new way.

AT&T and 5G

AT&T is working hard toward a 5G mobile future today. In fact, we’re laying the 5G network foundation with 5G Evolution and LTE-LAA. These technologies serve as the runway to 5G by boosting the existing LTE network and priming it for the future of connectivity, which enables faster speeds now and allows us to upgrade to 5G when it’s ready.

The 5G Future for Business

We expect 5G will offer businesses so much more than just faster speeds. 5G will unlock experiences of the future like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Not only will 5G modernize businesses, it will disrupt entire industries.

Future Mobile 5G

The 5th Generation of mobile networks — 5G — will be a software-defined, data-powered network with blazing fast internet speeds. 5G technology will help us connect more devices faster, enable lower latency uses, increase battery life, and handle more data — like surging video growth on mobile networks.

AT&T is in a unique position to support next-generation applications quickly and efficiently thanks to our Software-Defined Network, Big Data and Open Source network approach, combined with our broadband build-out commitment to millions of locations throughout the United States.

5G – Next Generation Mobile Network

5G will transform the way you work, play, and enjoy entertainment, and we expect to be the first U.S. company to introduce mobile 5G service in a dozen markets by late 2018.

Event AT&T Policy Forum Event

Promoting Standards and Security for Next-Generation 5G Mobile Networks

April 12, 2018
12:30 pm
- 2:30 pm EDT

On April 16 the AT&T Policy Forum hosted an in-depth discussion on global standards development and efforts needed to secure the nation’s 5G mobile networks.

The event featured keynote remarks by Hank Kafka, Vice President, AT&T Access Architecture & Analytics and a panel of industry and policy experts including Jeffrey Cichonski, Information Security Engineer, NIST; Brian Hendricks, Head of Policy & Government Relations, Americas Region, Nokia; John Marinho, Vice President, Technology & Cybersecurity, CTIA; and Rita Marty, Vice President, Security Architecture, AT&T.

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