AT&T and IBM: Helping Businesses Adapt to New Work Environments

The following is based on an AT&T Technology Blog post by Mo Katibeh, Chief Product and Platform Officer at AT&T Business and Steve Canepa, General Manager of the Global Communications Sector at IBM.

The coronavirus crisis has forced organizations and businesses from across the country to find adaptive ways to operate remotely while they wait for the world to return to normal. But from this challenge comes opportunity, and AT&T and IBM are using this moment to help enterprises emerge from the pandemic smarter, more efficient, and more resilient than before.

The companies are utilizing 5G wireless networks and edge computing as building blocks for the industries of the future. At IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, for example, they plan to deploy AT&T’s 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) — a low latency, private cellular solution that processes data onsite rather than being trafficked over public networks, which provides the high-performance computing and improved security required for a post-pandemic business environment.

The combination of technologies has the potential to unlock new remote-work opportunities, improve workplace safety, and provide a host of other promising post-pandemic applications.

“Combining 5G with edge computing, for example, could open the door to breakthroughs in robotics and the ability to perform intricate machine work from remote locations. One of the tasks we are exploring at Yorktown Heights, envisions enabling a researcher to remotely adjust locations of IoT network devices in a laboratory. Another envisions allowing a systems administrator to remotely rewire machines in a data center to provide a more agile environment.

Together, AT&T and IBM want to demonstrate how industries of all sorts can make a smooth transition into the new work environments that can help define the future of business. This model is highly suited to building applications that can accelerate innovations in industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, energy and utilities.” – Mo Katibeh, Steve Canepa

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