Purdue’s College of Engineering Conducting Research with AT&T 5G

Purdue University’s College of Engineering is working with AT&T to create a test bed for 5G-based research and development at its Purdue Research Lab. Located in the newly launched Indiana 5G Zone, the lab will use AT&T’s 5G+ millimeter wave (5G+) and commercially available Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) technologies to help solve societal challenges like disaster recovery in rural, agricultural areas and explore new use cases for where business and community intersect – like smart cities.

Build-out for the Purdue Research Lab is expected to be complete as early as Spring 2020. Once complete, the Lab will accelerate academic research already underway. Areas of focus include 5G’s potential in:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Smart cities and IoT
  • Rural broadband and agricultural technology
  • Disaster response

“Purdue Engineering is very excited to work with the public-private ecosystem in Indianapolis on the Indy 5G Zone. Indy is speedy! This is a unique, open environment in the nation where innovators using 5G for consumer and industrial applications can test out their ideas,” said Dr. Mung Chiang, dean of the College of Engineering, Purdue University. “As a researcher in wireless networks and, for the past decade, in edge computing, I am also delighted to see the collaboration with AT&T to advance research in edge technologies as part of the Zone.”

Collaborators of the Indiana 5G Zone,
powered by Purdue Research Foundation.

External collaborators – like businesses and outside researchers – will be invited in to help further exploration and build new applications or products that could help move forward technology in these areas. AT&T’s MEC technology combined with 5G+ will power near real-time data collection and analysis to better support this innovative work. The technology is also more scalable and flexible, which is critical for today’s businesses.

Some of the world’s greatest innovations come to life on college campuses. 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, will revolutionize the way people, devices, and experiences are connected. AT&T brings together the power of our network – our employees, our technology and organizations – to collaborate with universities to enable a future where vision and discoveries collide.

For more on our path to 5G, check out att.com/5g_universities.

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