AT&T Cloud Strategy

Today, we’re using cloud technologies to modernize and streamline our business applications, accelerate innovation and new services with customers, and quickly deploy software-defined network (SDN) technologies and virtual network functions to power our own network.

All this work isn’t happening in the same cloud, though.

Our 5G Network Lives in Our Network Cloud

Last year, we introduced Network Cloud as our next-generation cloud platform. As its name implies, it’s optimized specifically for AT&T network workloads. It’s powered by open source software running on commodity and white box hardware. That lets us keep costs down and innovate at a speed unmatched in the industry.

Our Network Cloud was the perfect environment to house our new mobile 5G packet core. In fact, our commercial 5G network was the first network born in the cloud.

And while our internal teams are hard at work bringing 5G capabilities into the market at break-neck speed, open source collaborations with technology leaders like Dell and others will continue playing a vital role in our success as well.

We’re Becoming a Public Cloud-first Company

We’re turning to public cloud providers to host our non-network workloads. Think traditional IT applications like billing and customer care, and corporate applications like HR and finance. By 2024, most of these cloud workloads will be housed in the public cloud.

Moving these applications and workloads to the public cloud allows us to take advantage of the elasticity and cloud economics while letting us focus on what we as a company do best: deploying and running world-class networks.

The Shifts are Already Paying Off

Last December, we became the first U.S. carrier to launch standards-based 5G service. And we’re well on our way to bringing our commercial 5G network nationwide by 2020.

While impressive in their own right, those feats wouldn’t be possible had we not recognized early on that when it comes to cloud, a hybrid approach lets us put the right workloads on the right clouds. That’s a model we know works, and one we’ll continue leading to deliver a best-in-class network for our customers.

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