AT&T and Samsung Bring 5G to Life for the Manufacturing Industry

AT&T Business, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, and Samsung Electronics America are unveiling the first manufacturing-focused 5G Innovation Zone in America, researching applications designed to improve efficiency, safety, security, and operational performance within the manufacturing industry.

5G Innovation Zone

The 5G Innovation Zone is located in Samsung Austin Semiconductor, one of the most advanced semiconductor fabrication facilities in the world. The new research space is designed for AT&T and Samsung to explore ideas and technology over 5G networks for improving manufacturing environments and creating smarter factories.

As would be expected in a smart factory, the Innovation Zone is designed to leverage a combination of multiple connectivity technologies, including 5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi. We anticipate these technologies will evolve as additional 5G devices become available.

Bringing 5G to Life

Planning and executing the Innovation Zone was a collaborative effort between AT&T and Samsung engineers and technicians. For inspiration, we looked at challenges manufacturing companies face that can benefit from 5G technology. We designed test use cases that focus on real world issues and are interactive, providing visitors a firsthand experience of how 5G connectivity impacts technologies like industrial IoT, robotics, and mixed reality in manufacturing.

Applications Currently Being Tested

Mixed Reality for Training 

  • Demonstrating how 5G and mixed reality can be used to educate and train employees. 

Health and Environmental Sensors 

  • Demonstrating how 5G and sensors could help first responders better locate employees and speed up response time in an emergency.

Automated Material Handling, Industrial IoT, and Robotics 

  • Demonstrating how 5G, 4K live video, and IoT sensor data better support the factory automation process. 

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