WaterBit and AT&T Using Connectivity to Help Address Social and Environmental Challenges

WaterBit and AT&T are helping Devine Organics in their efforts to both conserve water and grow more asparagus in California’s Central Valley. As a family- , woman-, and minority-owned business, Devine Organics founder Elvia Devine is driven to grow the finest fruits and vegetables with an eye toward conservation and environmental stewardship.

“AT&T IoT technology is enabling the next generation of good,” says Shiraz Hasan, Vice President – IoT Solutions at AT&T, “Using our connectivity to work with companies like Devine Organics and WaterBit allows us to help address significant social and environmental challenges and deliver benefits for customers and our world.”

Devine Organics partnered with WaterBit to install small, AT&T-connected, solar-powered sensors across Devine Organics’ asparagus fields. These sensors collect information on soil moisture and other field conditions. They require no maintenance and are placed under the foliage, so they don’t interfere with field work and harvests. Data from the sensors is sent to a communications hub that can be thousands of feet away. The hub then uses AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) technology to send highly secure data over the AT&T LTE network to the WaterBit app. There, the information is analyzed to determine if a section of the field needs more or less water, and the farmer can remotely control irrigation from their smartphone, turning valves on and off.

Thanks to this technology, Devine Organics can now irrigate its field with incredible precision — releasing water exactly where, when and for how long it’s needed. The WaterBit dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the field’s moisture and irrigation status, and because it’s connected via the AT&T network, the Devine Organics team can access the data 24/7 via computer or smartphone.

Due to better irrigation processes, Devine Organics has harvested nearly twice as much asparagus from the field since the WaterBit technology was put into place.

 To find out more about our work with Devine Organics and WaterBit, read the full case study here.

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