Finding the Right Path to Encourage American Investment in 21st Century Infrastructure

This symposium on corporate tax reform featured a discussion with key policymakers, think tank representatives and other stakeholders on the complexities, opportunities and challenges associated with advancing comprehensive corporate tax reform and its impact on infrastructure investment.

Congressional Road Map: 2017 Corporate Tax Reform

  • Barbara Angus — Chief Tax Counsel, House Ways and Means Committee
  • Aruna Kalyanam — Tax Counsel/Staff Director Tax Policy Committee, Minority, House Ways and Means Committee
  • Mark Prater — Deputy Staff Director/Chief Tax Counsel, Senate Finance Committee
  • Tiffany Smith — Chief Tax Counsel, Minority, Senate Finance Committee

Corporate Tax Reform: What does that mean for our Nation’s Infrastructure Investment?

  • Ron Busby — President/CEO, U.S. Black Chambers
  • Jennifer Fritzsche — Managing Director, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
  • Jason Furman — Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. — President/CEO, BLACK ENTERPRISE
  • Doug Holtz-Eakin — President, American Action Forum
  • John Stephens — Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, AT&T

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This event, during which light refreshments will be available, has been designed to comply with the “widely attended event” exception in the House and Senate gift rules. Federal agency employees and Executive Branch appointees are encouraged to consult with their Designated Ethics Officer or Counsel as appropriate. For further information about the event, please contact Joanne Rashbaum at 202-457-2257 or