AT&T and Disney: Maintaining the Magic Through Strategic Collaboration & Innovation

AT&T and the Walt Disney World Resort© had an idea to develop a collaborative solution to enhance the Cast’s ability to approach workflow processes behind the scenes in a whole new way through technical innovation.

Together, the two companies developed and tested an intuitive, interactive mobile application proof of concept. This innovation was designed to aid Cast Members in maintenance roles like never before by readily equipping them with the information they need, when and wherever they need it.

Using the mobile app, these Cast Members will be able to improve response to a work order as drawings, procedures, maintenance manuals, and other important information are auto loaded onto their tablets as they arrive at the site of a service request.

This jointly-owned innovation uses technology to enhance overall capacity and work satisfaction as information the Cast Member needs is available at their fingertips no matter where they are working in the field.

The powerful collaboration demonstrates the ability of two industry leaders coming together and using technology to create targeted solutions. Focusing on Disney’s© vision of working within the lines of business to discover new ways to build innovative solutions through digital transformation, AT&T was able to use location-based technology to enhance network-based intelligence.

Benefits of this collaboration include:

  • Enhanced Productivity: This system provides a common interface layer to many backend systems of record, allowing a more seamless delivery of the right content at the right time in the right place.
  • Improved data delivery: The platform seamlessly delivers the right content to the right Disney© Cast Member by taking advantage of multiple business data sources, connected sensors, network-based intelligence and t AT&T world-class network.

“When you have the technology teams of two iconic brands working together, the potential result is greater than working on our own,” said Mark Todd, vice president of Engineering Services & Manufacturing. “We are thrilled to work with AT&T to continue to explore exciting and innovative new ways to help our Cast make magic behind the scenes.”









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